Deron Williams Says He Was Forgotten About Last Season

by October 24, 2012

Due to his own sub-standard play and the woeful season underwent by the New Jersey Nets last season, Deron Williams thinks people forgot about him. He’s driven to reclaim his place in the game this year. Per the NY Daily News: “Deron Williams thinks he has been forgotten. The Nets’ star was voted best point guard in the NBA by the league’s GMs two years ago when he was expected to lead the Jazz to the playoffs. After spending the past season and a half with the Nets, Williams did not even get a vote in a preseason poll of general managers released by the league on Monday. ‘It’s easy to forget about people when they’re on losing teams that aren’t really relevant and aren’t on TV,’ Williams said. ‘I didn’t have a great year statistically, so that will hurt, too.’ He said the slight does not particularly bother him. ‘I just want to win. I don’t care where I’m ranked among point guards,’ Williams said. ‘I’m not here to do any point guard battles this year. There’s no 1-on-1 tournaments for point guards. I just want to win.’ It will be, however, one of the many things driving him this season. ‘Everything motivates me,’ Williams said.”