Deron Williams Tells Gerald Wallace to Stop Talking About His Broken Shot

Brooklyn Nets star point guard Deron Williams has some advice for teammate Gerald Wallace, regarding his lost confidence. Don’t talk to anyone about it, least of all the media. Per the NY Post: “Deron Williams knows what Gerald Wallace is going through. It wasn’t so long ago Williams was struggling with his shot and searching for confidence, igniting questions about the Nets’ franchise player and his place among the NBA’s premier point guards. But he powered past it, reminding Brooklyn why it fretted opening Barclays Center without him, shooting 58.3 percent from the field in the first three games of the month. After hearing of Wallace’s brutal honesty about his brutal shooting, which he revealed on Saturday, Williams had the solution to his teammate’s problem. ‘He needs to stop talking about it, just like I had to stop talking about my injuries and shooting with [the media] because it just weighs on you,’ Williams said after yesterday’s practice. ‘You come in every day and you got to hear about why you’re missing shots, it’s going to start creeping in your head. That’s why I don’t talk about my injuries and why I don’t like talking about shooting with [the media]. I feel like he shouldn’t either.’ Wallace’s eight points per game and 40 percent shooting from the field are his lowest since 2003-04, but more troubling has been the 30-year-old’s hesitance to even attempt a shot, taking only eight shots in the past three games combined.”