Deron Williams Thinks David Stern is a ‘Bully’

When asked about the Chris Paul trade fiasco, Deron Williams couldn’t hold back and give a PC answer to the media. From the Bergen Record: “First, Deron Williams said he didn’t want to get into it, the madness that is the Chris Paul trade situation. But seconds later he dived in head-first, taking a well-placed shot NBA commissioner David Stern. ‘You’re fighting a bully, man,’ Williams said. “David Stern is a bully, you can’t really go up against him.’ ‘He knows he’s a bully, ain’t no secret,’ Williams continued, laughing. ‘I think everybody knows that.’ … To be fair, Williams put his Bully-gate comments in context, saying ‘You’ve got to be [a bully], man. … I think every owner of every big business is a bully. That’s how they become successful.’ In a wide-ranging interview. Williams also said that him and Paul are friends, but he hasn’t reached out to Paul because if Williams was in a similar situation he wouldn’t want to be bothered. ‘That’s just a tough situation for him and I really feel for him,’ Williams said. ‘We’re friends and I don’t even know what’s going on with that and what’s gonna happen with it. I hear [the trade is] off now.'”