Derrick Rose: ‘We Had Extremely High Expectations for This Team’

The Knicks have been closer to being a dumpster fire than a super team this season, and Derrick Rose knows expectations in New York far exceeded reality.

Rose will be a free agent this summer, and says he wants to play for a winning squad in 2017-18.

The 28-year-old former MVP has been frustrated with his role in Jeff Hornacek’s offense.

Per the NY Post:

“You have to think about all that in the offseason,” said Rose, who can sign a contract extension with the Knicks before July 1. “I’ll be a free agent. Sitting down at the table, I think we’ll have to talk about. I really can’t think about or see how it’s going to go while I’m still playing here.”


“Of course [it’s tough], winning all your life winning ever since grammar school and won all the early years in the league to have first losing season in the NBA, in any profession that’s hard,” Rose said. “You have to find a way around it. I can’t control what’s out of your hand and circumstances you can’t control. The work ethic is the only thing I can control. And being professional.


“We had extremely high expectations for this team. The reality is, I can’t get mad at it. If anything it’s a learning experience. I have to learn from it.”

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