Derrick Rose Says Knicks Season Was ‘Craziest’ On The Court

by August 29, 2017
derrick rose knicks

From the Charles Oakley-Jim Dolan mess to Phil Jackson’s public player-bashing, the Knicks‘ season was drama-filled as ever.

But the “craziest” part of last season for now-Cavs guard Derrick Rose was Jackson’s edict of running the triangle offense.

From the Associated Press:

Last year fuels him, in many ways. It started with him facing a civil trial in Los Angeles over a rape allegation that a jury did not believe.


It ended with him playing for a bad team in New York, the Knicks season dominated by drama off the floor — the Jim Dolan-Charles Oakley mess, the eventual departure of Phil Jackson and the still-going talk of Carmelo Anthony getting traded someplace.


“On the court was when it was the craziest to me,” Rose said. “Some of the strategies and all that, I didn’t understand. It was confusing. It was just a learning experience.”

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