Derrick Rose Says Training Camp With Knicks Was Best Of His Career

by October 02, 2016

Healthy for the entirety of training camp, Derrick Rose is feeling confident heading into the 2016-17 season. The point guard, who will be a free agent at the end of the season, knows that both he and the Knicks have a lot of expectations they want to meet and Rose credited the team for being “focused” and “dedicated.”

After practice yesterday, Rose spoke with ESPN‘s Ian Begley about the season:

“I look at it as the years that I’ve played on the League, this the most focus I’ve had knowing the situation, what I’m getting myself into,” Rose said. “The big year we have ahead of us. We’re focused, we’re dedicated, that’s all you want from this group.” 

Last week, Rose admitted that he is still learning Phil Jackson’s beloved triangle offense and that the sets are “complicated.” In regards to other aspects of the offense, though, Rose said that the coaching staff is allowing him “to attack” and play “downhill:”

“It’s open. [There’s] more weapons. But they allow me to play the way I know how to play and that’s an up-tempo game. And to attack, downhill.” 

Finally, Rose said that he expects to be with the team during their preseason debut against Houston on Tuesday, despite the fact that the civil trial for his alleged gang rape is set to begin in Los Angeles on the same day. A reporter asked if he would be able to stay in shape if he had to miss any time and Rose shared that he learned a workout routine from Lamar Odom:

“I do penitentiary workouts, bro. [I’m] in my room doing push-ups, sit ups. I got it from Lamar Odom,” Rose said. “…. It’s stretching and working on my body, flexibility.”

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