Derrick Rose on Returning Before the Playoffs: ‘Who Knows?’

by April 02, 2015

The Chicago Bulls have had Derrick Rose taking part in full-contact practice sessions Monday and Tuesday, and he continues to look good (if a tad winded.)

Rose says he’s encouraged by his rehab progress since a Feb.27 procedure to remove a small piece of his meniscus.

The 26-year old superstar point guard plans to play again this season, it’s just not yet clear if he’ll suit up before the fast-approaching Playoffs begin.

Per the Chicago Tribune:

“I know it’s a process. But I’m along for this ride,” he said. “I was able to get to the spots. It’s just making shots and getting the wind to actually run up and down. That’s the hardest thing. But as far as playing a game or come back full strength and all that, that’s going to come. My rhythm of the game will come. It just takes being out there and actually playing.”


Asked if the back-to-back contact sessions brought clarity to his return date, Rose said he hadn’t “even thought about it. Just been worrying about rehab.” […] Rose said strength in his knee is there but he “needs a little bit more time” to develop more. Rose said the same regarding his conditioning.


Asked if he will make a regular-season appearance, Rose said: “Who knows?” […] Privately, though, Rose has expressed confidence in a return. Coach Tom Thibodeau said the Bulls wouldn’t alter their practice schedule to get more reps for Rose.