Derrick Rose Plans to Start Shooting Threes in the Playoffs

by March 03, 2017

Jeff Hornacek is pushing his point guard to join the modern NBA and start hoisting up three-pointers, and Derrick Rose has designs on doing just that … once the postseason rolls around.

Rose, a career 29.9 percent shooter from behind the arc currently attempting just 1.1 threes a night, says he’s ready to make the necessary “sacrifice.”

The New York Knicks never cease to amaze.

Per Newsday:

“I’m trying to put pieces of my game together,” Rose said Thursday after practice at Temple University. “You see I’m not shooting threes yet, but hopefully, [I’ll] start shooting them in the playoffs. It’s going to take a lot of sacrifice and dedication to get there, but I’m just adding pieces of my game throughout the season.”


But after a big, necessary win over the Magic on Wednesday night — spurred in part by Rose’s 19 points — the Knicks find themselves in the unexpected position of still sort of having a shot at the playoffs. And that means Rose is in the even more unexpected position of trying to find a way for the Knicks to win if they get there.


“That’s where I think the pressure from point guards in this league comes [from],” Hornacek said. “Derrick can get to the basket at will, so they play behind and try to clog the lane. If he can knock down those threes, then what’s a team going to say? ‘What do we do?’ That makes it even more effective. […] We’re kind of encouraging him to take a look at it, see it on tape, look how these guys go behind, and if you can shoot that three, [shoot it] — he shoots them pretty well in practice.”

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