Derrick Rose Sure He Will Win ‘Multiple Championships’

In a sentiment shared by absolutely no one else, Derrick Rose thinks the Chicago Bulls’ roster is perfect as is. He’s also convinced that multiple titles are in his future (a not so unfamiliar theme with DRose). From Hoopshype: “Everybody is working out hard right now. If everyone comes in and work on their game, I think that we have a good shot of winning without getting anybody to come to my team. I think everything was just so new… Last year was my first time getting past the first round of the playoffs. Everything was just new to everybody, and that thing is gonna help us. Last year was the base for our team and the sky’s the limit for us.’ … Time has passed since you won the MVP trophy award. What are your feelings about it now? DR: ‘It was great but I’m not satisfied. I won’t be satisfied until I win a championship. I’m not satisfied at all. There’s not a doubt in my mind that I’m not going to win a championship. I’m going win multiple championships. It’s not a doubt in my mind.'”