Derrick Rose Wants Bulls to Keep Vinny Del Negro

by April 28, 2010

One of the few people in the entire city of Chicago who wants VDN to continue coaching the Bulls is the team’s best player. Unfortunately for Vinny, that more than likely will not be enough. From the Chicago Tribune: “If the Bulls are prepared to close that gap without Vinny Del Negro, the head coach likely to lose his job any day, it sounds like the franchise will ignore the franchise player’s endorsement. ‘I would vote yes,’ Rose said late Tuesday night when asked if Del Negro should stay. ‘That’s a guy where we both came in (in 2008), he let me have my freedom, he still coached me, let me make my mistakes, watched film with him every day, taught me a lot on offense and defense. But the decision isn’t up to me. It’s up to the front office.’ Given the chance to reflect on his two years on the job or lobby his bosses for another season, Del Negro sounded like a guy who knew the decision had been made even if he outcoached the Cavs’ Mike Brown in this series or scared the No. 1 seed with an inferior roster. ‘I don’t even think about that stuff,’ Del Negro said after the loss. ‘All those things will take care of themselves. How anybody wants to judge that, they’ll judge it.’ LeBron James was asked how he would judge it from the perspective of a team that escaped. Does the opinion of potential future Bulls matter? ‘I think they were well coached,’ James said. ‘There wasn’t one point where they laid down.”’