Devin Ebanks Jordan Brand Classic Diary

by April 16, 2008

Last year we set the internet on fire with our Jordan Brand Classic game week diary, which was delivered by Patrick Patterson, who spent the week debating what college to attend. We’re going in a similar direction this year, as Indiana signee Devin Ebanks, who is now free to go somewhere else after Kelvin Sampson was let go, prepares to make his own decision. We featured Devin in the Punks section of SLAM two issues ago, but Devin has a lot more to say. Read below and then check back tomorrow and Friday for more from the young man, and be sure to watch or attend the game, which you can learn more about at

As told to Konate Primus

Wassup Slam, this is my first blog with you guys and some of you may not know me very well so I’m going to change that right now. My name is Devin Ebanks and I’m from LIC Queens, NY. I’m a senior at St. Thomas More School in Oakdale, CT but I’m in NYC for the Jordan Brand Classic All-star game at MSG. How big is that? I get to play in the garden; I always wanted to play at the garden. My favorite player is John Starks… yes I said John Starks, he’s the reason my favorite number is 3 and I don’t care if he went 2 for 18 in game 7 he’s still my favorite. Anyway, right now and my future is looking real bright, but before I talk about the future I want to take a look back on some special high school moments.

High school was great; I’m averaging a 3.2 GPA. I got to play under coach Jere Quinn who was good to me. I accomplished a few things in the 2 yrs I was at STM. I was able to score 1000 points in the 2y rs I was there. I don’t know about you but that’s pretty big too me. I don’t know if that’s a school record, we might have to check on that. I lead my team to the final four, and St.Thomas More hasn’t been there in 4 or 5 years. Overall it was a fun experience at the end of this season I was averaging 23 pt, 10 RPG and 5 assist. But there was one game that I remember, I think it was the last game of the season and we needed that 3rd seed spot, basically I had to take over in the second half and I ended up with 44 pts 15 rebound 6 assist and 3 blocks that’s was against South Kent. I’ll always remember that game.

People always ask me what position I play but I don’t really put myself in a box. I’m 6-8 and 185 pounds. So usually when people ask me that I just say I’m a basketball player. You can put me at any position and I’ll do whatever you need me to do at any position 1-5. That’s just my game, I’m very versatile. Playing team ball and when I need to take over I know when to take over.

Now for my college plans…I’ tell you all about that tomorrow but for now have 2 run, I’ve been traveling all day. I need some food in my system but I promise I let ya’ll know what’s up with the college situation tomorrow.