Did Drew Gooden Use a Homophobic Slur?

by November 04, 2009

The Clippers fan who was allegedly victimized — actor Chris Wylde — says so, and the NBA is investigating the incident: “While the subject of an alleged homophobic slur by Drew Gooden continued to fan his own flames Tuesday, the Mavericks stayed silent, and the NBA opened a review of the situation, although it’s difficult to see any substantial penalty forthcoming from the incident. Clippers fan Chris Wylde said in a YouTube video he posted that he and a friend were in a hallway at Staples Center after Saturday’s game and that Gooden said to the people he was leaving the game with, ‘there’s that other [slur].’ Wylde added that ‘it wasn’t hateful, but it’s something that shouldn’t be said.”‘