Dikembe Mutombo, Still Talking That Talk

by April 13, 2009

And, evidently, walking the walk. Lesson is in session, youngsters: “Dikembe Mutumbo, 42 years old and one of the NBA’s all-time good guys, started for the Rockets [Friday night] with Yao Ming out. Mutumbo finished with 15 rebounds, 10 points and four blocks — all of which were followed by his signature finger-wave to the crowd. One of the blocks came against Anthony Randolph to start the second half, and the 19-year-old rookie was NOT happy that his dunk was rejected. He got the ball back, went right at Mutumbo got whistled for an offensive foul and pulled by Nellie…’We need NBA Classics to show more of the Mutombo games so some of the youngest guys can learn. Everybody is trying me. I don’t know why. That young boy tried so hard…He kept telling me, ‘I’m going to get you before the day’s over.’ It’s too bad. He tried, but he didn’t get a chance to dunk on Dikembe Mutombo. He’s not going to be able tell his grandkids, ‘I got Dikembe with one.'”