Dikembe Mutombo’s Advice to ‘Melo: Stay in Denver

by October 28, 2010

Dikembe, a former Nuggets star himself, tells the Denver Post that Carmelo Anthoy should re-consider and stay with his current team: “First off, Mutombo said that ‘My decision leaving the Nuggets was based on the organization not saying they had the cap room to sign me.’ Asked — had they had the money, would he had stayed, Mount Mutombo said: ‘Of course!’ Of the Melo comparisons, Mutombo said: ‘People think because another star made a decision to go somewhere else that it should relate to you. I don’t think it’s really Carmelo’s concern. This is his team. If I would have a chance to talk to him, I would say he should consider that this is his team and make the right decision to stay here. If he has a problem or concern with the organization, the best thing to do is talk to the organization – ‘Bring me some players around me that can help me [win] the championship.'”