Dion Waiters to Emulate Dwyane Wade Playing With LeBron James

For four wildly successful seasons, Dwyane Wade played Robin to LeBron James’ Batman in Miami. Cleveland Cavaliers guards Kyrie Irving and Dion Waiters know they must adjust their games with LeBron now as a teammate, and Waiters says he wants to learn how to play Wade’s old role. Per ESPN:

“You do think about (changes) because you’re going to be playing with the greatest player in the game,” Irving said. “I’ve talked to several teammates about how we’re going to have to change our games.”


“I have to make adjustments,” Waiters said. “I like to have the ball and we have Kyrie, and he likes to have the ball. So I have to find ways to impact the game without having the ball. I’m planning to go watch tape to see what D-Wade did when he played with LeBron. I need to learn how to be effective out there with him.”


“(Wade) is a ball-dominant guard too, and when LeBron came over he had to change his game too,” Waiters said. “He was so efficient, though, and that really helped their game. I think I can learn a lot from what he did.”