Dion Waiters To Kevin Durant: ‘You Didn’t Wanna See Us, Kev!’

In an article for The Players’ Tribune, Dion Waiters tells the story of how he told Kevin Durant over dinner that the Heat were about to go on a long winning streak, and beat the Warriors in Miami.

Waiters’ prediction, of course, came true as the Heat reeled off 13 straight wins, including a 105-102 win over the Golden State, during which Waiters hit the game-winning shot.

In Waiters’ own words:

We gave ’em everything they could handle. We weren’t scared. I saw right away how Kev was playing me, like he was daring me to shoot the ball. I told him, “Bro, I’m feeling good. You see the last four games? Y’all in for a long night.”


We’re talking trash like we’re playing 1-on-1 back in OKC.


Fourth quarter, 10 seconds left. Tie game. I got the ball in my hands with the game on the line, and I already knew what was gonna happen. F*** an overtime, let’s get up outta here.


What’s the analytics on that?


That’s a W.


Then I hit ’em with the pose.

Waiters went on to say that if it wasn’t for an ankle injury that caused him to miss Miami’s final 13 games, the Heat would have made the Playoffs.

He ended his piece with this message for Durant:

“I know Kev is reading this right now, like, ‘Thank God this dude is at home doing articles instead of lurking in the playoffs.’


You didn’t wanna see us, Kev!”

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