Dirk Nowitzki Happy That Mark Cuban is Ready to Make Trades

by January 15, 2013

Mark Cuban has let it be known that the Dallas Mavericks will be active when it comes to trades this season, which is an encouraging sign to Dirk Nowitzki. The Mavs superstar has been pushing the front-office to upgrade the roster. Per the Dallas Morning News: “On Saturday night, Mavericks owner Mark Cuban declared that there was a 100-percent chance that the Mavericks will try to make a trade before the Feb. 21 trade deadline. Monday, Cuban practically stated his intentions in a Jimmy Johnson-esque three-inch headline, saying, ‘We’re letting everybody know the Bank of Cuban’s open. And if it’s the right deal, we don’t mind taking back money. But we’re not going to do a trade just to do a trade. It’s got to be worthwhile.’ […] ‘Cubes has been generous with the money, obviously,’ Nowitzki said. ‘We’ve been playing some of the most luxury tax over the last ten years probably in the league, with New York. He always made sure winning was first. Yeah, that’s obviously good to know that he still wants to go for it.’ Nowitzki last week made comments that seem to question the wisdom of the Mavericks letting go Tyson Chandler and other key members of the 2011 championship team on, as Nowitzki put it, the ‘hope’ of using the salary cap flexibility to sign a marquee free agent. The following day, however, Nowitzki emphasized that he is confident in the ability of Cuban and president Donnie Nelson to improve the roster.”