Dirk Nowitzki Struggling With Free Throws

by November 22, 2010

Dirk is shooting the lowest free throw percentage since his third year in the L, and can’t quite figure out why. From the Star-Telegram: “Dirk Nowitzki flashed that sheepish grin and said something that cannot be repeated when it was jokingly mentioned to him that Tyson Chandler should be shooting technical-foul free throws from now on. That’s the way it is for the best player in Mavericks history. There have been so few flaws in his game the past several seasons that it’s hard to be serious about nitpicking … ‘Yeah, I don’t know what’s going on with my free throws,’ Nowitzki said. What’s happened is that his percentage has dropped all the way to 83.1 percent, which would be fabulous for about 95 percent of all NBA players. But considering Nowitzki shot 91.5 percent from the line last season, it’s a bit unusual. He recently said that all he’d have to do is make 25 in a row and he’d be back to 90 percent.”