Dispute Over Use of a Laptop Between Nuggets and Lakers

With the series shifting to Denver tonight for pivotal Game 6, the biggest beef between the Lakers and Nuggets appears to be the use of a laptop. The Denver Post explains: “According to the Los Angeles Times, L.A. Lakers brass was miffed Tuesday night at what they said was the Nuggets’ illegal use of a laptop in a huddle late in the game Tuesday night at the Staples Center. NBA rules prohibit such action, and organizations can be heavily fined if found guilty of skirting league policy. However, while Nuggets coach George Karl acknowledged the use of a laptop, he said the team was well within the rules. ‘We have all of their end-of-game plays on a laptop,’ Karl said. ‘Now, we didn’t use it last night. But you’re allowed to have a laptop, according to what our memo said. You’re allowed to bring scouting preparation information on a laptop.’ […] According to Karl, a memo from the NBA stated teams can use laptops, and can have them on the bench, just as long as the material on it isn’t taken from the game in-progress. ‘It can’t be of the game,’ Karl said. ‘Now, the memo I read was, yes you can have it on the bench. We looked at the memo again this morning and it says just as long as you don’t have anything taken from during the game. And the only thing we have is their plays, end of game situations.'”