Doc Rivers Calls Blake Griffin-Carmelo Anthony Trade Rumors ‘So Stupid’

by January 05, 2014

Recently, trade rumors have swirled that—per an ESPN report—both the Knicks and Clippers were having internal discussions about a potential Carmelo Anthony-for-Blake Griffin swap. Clips coach Doc Rivers promptly dismissed any such rumors Saturday night, according to the L.A. Times

Clippers Coach Doc Rivers said an ESPN report that the organization has had internal discussions about possibly trading Blake Griffin to the New York Knicks for Carmelo Anthony was “so stupid.”

Rivers clearly was upset about the report, and about being asked about it by reporters before the Clippers played the San Antonio Spurs on Saturday night.

Rivers said the Clippers aren’t engaged in talks to trade Griffin for Anthony and aren’t going to trade their All-Star power forward.

“It really is, it’s just so stupid,” Rivers said again. “You know how I rarely read stuff, but someone told me read that, and it didn’t say anything about us. Anyway, it’s just stupid.

“My whole issue with any of that . . . is that that network [ESPN] to me reports a story that they created and then they do reports on it for the next two days, on a story that they created. But it’s stupid.”