Doc Rivers: Michael Beasley Could Lead NBA in Scoring

by January 04, 2011

Last night, Rivers didn’t have to worry about Beasley torching his defense too much, but he says that could all change in the very near future. From the Star Tribune: “Offensively, I’ve been a big believer in him,’ Rivers said before his Celtics beat the Timberwolves 96-93 on Monday night. ‘I just think he can score. I said it two years ago: I think one day he may lead the league in scoring. He just knows how to score the ball. He has a Carmelo ability to score the ball.’ Beasley scored 19 points, playing only 23 minutes because of foul trouble. ‘He’s a matchup problem every night,’ Rivers said. ‘He’s tough for 3s [small forwards] to guard because of his size. He’s too quick for 4s [power forwards]. And he can shoot. Obviously that’s the key. He has quickness and a shot at that size. That makes him tough to guard.'”