Doc Rivers Not Concerned About ‘Silly’ Trade Rumors

by February 06, 2013

Trade winds are swirling in Boston, but according to the veteran Celtics players and their coach, there’s no reason to fret over the chatter. Per the Boston Herald and WEEI: “Danny (Ainge) made it very obvious to us since Day 1 since he brought Ray (Allen) and myself here to be aligned with Paul (Pierce) that he was going to do whatever was best for this organization,’ Kevin Garnett said. ‘He’s always made it apparent, and I’ve always understood that.’ […] ‘I bleed green, I’ll die green, that’s what it is,’ he said. ‘But it is a business, and when that process is passed, I’ll deal with it. Trades are a part of this league. Every year you’re going to hear certain things.’ Garnett also offered the following reassurance: ‘If I were y’all, I wouldn’t read too much into it.’ […] ‘I don’t pay too much attention to it. Whatever happens will happen,’ Paul Pierce said. ‘It’s just like when I got drafted, it played out the way it was supposed to play out. So things of that nature have no effect on me, how I’m going to practice or how I’ll perform in a game. I’m taking it day by day, enjoying my teammates. Whatever happens is beyond my control.’ […] ‘I like you guys [local media], sometimes some of the stuff that happens is just silly,’ Doc Rivers said. ‘It really is. When I wake up in the morning and I hear a trade rumor I haven’t heard in my office that’s silly. And that’s what happens.’ Does he address it with the team? […] ‘I don’t honestly think it’s [local media]. I think someone can sit behind a computer and write something. The problem is that you guys have to report on it, which you shouldn’t do, but you do and it becomes an issue.'”