Doc Rivers Says The Lakers Are ‘The Best Franchise in Sports History’

by September 29, 2013

Doc Rivers will spend the upcoming season coaching the L.A. Clippers, but he has no lack of respect for the organization that his team shares a building with, as he went as far as to call the Lakers the best franchise in all of sports history. Do you agree? Per Yahoo!: “Over lunch in a Century City restaurant last week, Rivers considered the irony of it all and laughed. For weeks after the trade in 1991, Rivers refused to speak with Clippers president Andy Roeser. He played a season and moved on to the New York Knicks. All these years later, Roeser had come recruiting Rivers again. This time, everything had changed. The franchise’s commitment had transformed, and the Clippers were offering Rivers the power, pay, personnel and locale to chase championships. ‘The risk is all mine,’ Rivers, 51, said. ‘To go to an organization that hasn’t won but [two] playoff series in their entire history, in a town where the other team is the best franchise in sports history – that’s risk. But the opportunity – for me – gives me life. If we get this right, it will be the story of stories to tell. At this point in my life, the gamble is worth it.'”