Doc Rivers Thinks DeAndre Jordan Was Snubbed for Defensive Player of the Year

by April 22, 2014

Joakim Noah is the 2013-’14 Defensive Player of the Year, something that LA Clippers head coach Doc Rivers doesn’t agree with. According to Rivers, DeAndre Jordan should have won the award. Per the OC Register:

“I’d love to make comments,” Rivers said. “Who voted?”

Told that it was many of the writers in the room, Rivers laughed.

“Yeah, I’d like to make comments on the voters, but I can’t,” he said.

Since the season began, Rivers has been touting Jordan as a player with the potential to be the best defender in the league. And after finishing the season first in total rebounds, rebounds per game and defensive rebounds and second in blocked shots, Rivers is convinced he’s right.

“I thought he should’ve won,” Rivers said.

Jordan received eight first-place votes, 23 second-place votes and 12 third-place votes for 121 total points. Noah ran away with the award, finishing with 555 total points, and Hibbert came in second with 166.

“I also thought he realized the impact he has on our team. He’s important,” Rivers said. “And he’s important without us calling a lot of plays for him – or no plays, in most cases.

“I think we all want that in whatever we do. In a place where you work, if people feel you’re really important to them, I think you fall in love with your job. And, I think DJ did that.”