Doc Rivers Thinks Jason Kidd Should Give Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce More Minutes

by December 11, 2013

Brooklyn Nets head coach Jason Kidd has limited the playing time of his two veteran stars, but according to their old coach, they need to play more. Doc Rivers says KG and Pierce aren’t being given enough minutes. Per the NY Daily News: “(Pierce) can score anywhere,’ Rivers told Bleacher Report. ‘I think he was more uncomfortable with the short minutes that they were (playing him), like they did with Kevin. And that’s not Paul. Paul doesn’t work under those type of minutes—at least, in my opinion he doesn’t. He’s a guy that needs a rhythm to play. In Kevin’s case, on a 20-minute restriction, of course his numbers are going to be down. So I think at some point, he probably is going to have to play more minutes to improve, so he can get a better rhythm himself.’ Garnett, 37, is averaging just 22.7 minutes this season, a career low if sustained. The same holds for Pierce, who is averaging 29.1 minutes. They’re averaging 9.2 points together, shooting 36 percent. Bad numbers. Kidd made it clear in training camp that he’d be holding back his older players to save their legs for the playoffs, even saying that Garnett wouldn’t play both games of any back-to-back sets. Garnett expressed his disapproval for the plan, but also said he’s willing to follow Kidd’s orders. He has since turned back questions about his minutes restrictions, noting quickly that it’s not his decision. Pierce said he’s down with whatever helps the team, even if that means coming off the bench. ‘I mean, it’s a change,’ he said. ‘Everybody’s roles gotta change for what’s good for the team. You’ve got to understand that. It’s all on the coaches, man. Like I said, when we come to our huddle and we talk at the end of practice, we all say, ‘All in.’ I’m all in. If I’ve got to sacrifice whatever I’ve got to sacrifice for the betterment of this team then I’m more than willing.'”