Doc Rivers Wants to Let Ray Allen Keep Talking

by October 25, 2012

With the Miami Heat/Boston Celtics season opener inching closer and closer, the talk between the two rivals continues to ratchet up. Dismissively, Doc Rivers responded to the latest verbal volley from Ray Allen. Per CSNNE: “In short, back in 2009, Allen called Rondo to tell him the two of them were going to be traded to Phoenix if Rondo didn’t change his ways. Allen says Rondo took it the wrong way. On Tuesday, both Rondo and Rivers were asked about those comments. Rondo hadn’t heard them. Neither did Rivers, who then added a little something extra. ‘I didn’t even know it, so I’m surprised right now,’ Rivers said. ‘I never knew that, I don’t think [the trade rumor is] true. We’re just going to let Ray keep talking, it’s easier.’ More fuel to the fire.”