Doug Collins Wants the Philly Job, is Sorry

by May 13, 2009

One can’t help but get the feeling that this won’t end well for anyone involved: “TNT analyst Doug Collins apologized to Philadelphia 76ers president Ed Stefanski for mistakenly saying he spoke to the team about its open coaching job. Collins had told The Associated Press on Tuesday night before Game 5 of the Rockets-Lakers series he had talked with the Sixers about their vacancy ‘like two or three times.’ ‘Whatever they want to do, they know where I am if they want to call,’ he said.  Collins, a former NBA coach, then backtracked on his original comments during the game and denied speaking with Stefanski. “I have not spoken to them. And I want them to understand that,” Collins said on TV. “I feel very badly if there was a miscommunication there at all. I apologize to Eddie Stefanski if they felt like I was putting something out there that was not true.'”