DraftStreet Fantasy Contest: Win $100,000

by November 26, 2013

Each night of the NBA season matters but some nights matter more than others. To celebrate the most exciting nights of NBA basketball, DraftStreet is hosting a $500,000 Fantasy Basketball Championship.

$500,000 in prizes are guaranteed and the 1st place prize is $100,000. All you have to do to qualify is win a single Daily Fantasy Basketball league.

Three contestants have already qualified, and 27 spots remain. You have what it takes. Draft your NBA team and become a Fantasy Basketball Legend.

SJS1890 Qualified on November 15 for $22. He’s going to draft for a shot at $100,000

Your opportunity comes Wednesday to qualify for the Championship Final and the $100,000 Grand Prize for the lowest entry of $22. There are 13 NBA games Wednesday to draft players from.

To submit a valid roster you must draft: 3 Guards, 3 Forwards,1 Center, 1 Utility player

All while staying under the $100,000 salary cap. Salaries are set based on the Player’s projected fantasy points that night.

SLAM Top Fantasy Prospects for Games Wednesday Nov 27:

If you are interested but want to enter Free, you can win a $22 Qualifying Voucher by drafting a free team at DraftStreet. Draft your team for games Friday November 29 and then enter the Qualifier on Wednesday, December 11. Draft your Free team here.