Draymond Green on James Harden: ‘If We’re Not That Good, They’re in Trouble’

by January 22, 2015

Despite having beaten the Houston Rockets three consecutive times, the Golden State Warriors had added juice Wednesday night.

James Harden’s failed pep talk had the Dubs all fired up, who then went out and got the season sweep in a 126-113 win against the visiting Rockets.

Draymond Green, who finished with 18 points in the victory, entertained the press corps and his teammates by relentlessly mocking Harden’s assessment of the Warriors’ season.

(Dwight Howard added more bulletin board material , stating that the Atlanta Hawks are the NBA’s best team.)

Per the Bay Area News Group and KNBR:

Q: With the way you guys have been beating teams lately, do you think getting up by these big margins might have that effect on teams? […] A: “I mean, I’m sure they were a little frustrated because we’re not that good. So to get up by 20 like that in the half and then come out in the third quarter I’m sure is a little frustrating. But hey, we’re not that good. Shouldn’t be up by 20 at half. Happens though, right?”


Q: What’d you think of that, ‘They’re not that good thing?’ […] A: “Uh, he’s right. We’re nowhere near where we’re going to be at the end of this year. We’ve got to continue to get better and stay healthy and then we’ll look back at this point in the season and say, ‘Man, we weren’t that good.’ So he’s right.”


Green: “You don’t win 17 in a row if you’re not that good, so them wins have got to be dating back to last year. That’s pretty solid, though to keep it going over the course of two years, right? That’s solid.” […] “If we’re not that good, they’re in trouble,” Green said.