Draymond Green: James Harden’s Layup Is An ‘Unnatural Act’

by December 03, 2016
draymond green james harden

Draymond Green picked up a Flagrant 1 foul for kicking James Harden in the head late in the second overtime period of the Rockets’ 132-127 victory over the Warriors on Thursday.

The NBA deemed Green’s high leg kick an “unnatural leg extension” in violation of the League’s “Unnatural Acts” rule.

When asked about the NBA’s crack down on “unnatural acts,” Green said the League is unfairly targeting him.

Green brought up Harden‘s strategy of swinging his arms under a defender’s arms to draw the foul on a layup attempt as something that can be considered an “unnatural act” on the court.

“No offense to James Harden, but I’ve never seen nobody up until really James started doing it that shoot a layup like this (scoops arms upward). That’s not really a natural basketball act, either.


“If you’re going to make a rule, make a rule. But if you’re going to take ‘unnatural acts’ out the game, then let’s lock in on all these ‘unnatural acts’ and take them out the game if that’s what we gonna do.


“Let them keep telling people how they body react. I guess they gonna need to take a few Kinesiology classes though.”

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