Draymond Green on Mark Cuban’s Criticism: ‘I Don’t Expect Him To Understand’

by November 16, 2017
draymond green mark cuban understand

Draymond Green responded to Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, who criticized Green’s call to stop using the word “owner” in sports.

While at the Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government on Thursday, Draymond said Cuban can’t understand how the word “owner” affects African-Americans.

“When you look at Mark Cuban, for instance, with the whole equity thing. We all can own equity and that’s fine.


“But Mark Cuban will never know or understand how it feels for me, a young black African-American, to turn on the TV and see what happened in Charlottesville.


“He’ll never have that feeling.


“So when I say, Hey, maybe we shouldn’t use that word, to be honest, I really don’t expect him to understand where I’m coming from.”

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