Draymond Green on Facing Elimination: ‘It’s Stunning’

The defending NBA champion Golden State Warriors will attempt to become just the tenth team in League history to roar back from a 3-1 Playoff series deficit and win, desperate to return to the Finals for a second year in a row, and Draymond Green says that his squad is confident despite the long odds.

Green, who laid an egg—making just one of his seven shots and coughing up the rock six times—in the Dubs’ 118-94 loss Tuesday night in OKC after avoiding a suspension, admits that the Warriors are in shock.

The Thunder are one win away from bringing an end to the champs’ reign.

Per Yahoo:

“It’s stunning,” Green said. “This is not where we expected to be.” […] Alone in the corner of the locker room – only the sound of showers in the distance – Green considered the circumstances of the Oklahoma City Thunder train running through these wobbly Warriors. The Warriors are down 3-1, the greatest regular season in NBA history slipping away on a lost trip to America’s dust bowl.


(Stephen) Curry has been a shell of himself – missing shots, throwing away passes, losing his dribble, and completely unable to prove that there’s Curry-esque agility in that knee. “He’s playing at 70 percent, at best,” a source close to Curry said. Curry refuses to make excuses, but privately the Thunder see something – no explosion, no ability to make the bigs switching onto him pay a price. Twenty points on 19 shots Tuesday night bore no resemblance to the two-time NBA Most Valuable Player.


Money Green nodded late Monday night in the bowels of Chesapeake Energy Arena, and agreed with it all. In the quiet of the losing locker room, in a private moment in the deep corner, he believed this too: “If anyone can do this,” Draymond Green of the defending NBA champion Golden State Warriors said, “we can.”