Draymond Green Sued for Assault

Warriors star Draymond Green is facing charges of assault and battery in a civil lawsuit to be filed on Tuesday.

According to a press release obtained by ABC News’ Sabina Ghebremedhin, Green is being accused of “physical assault, bullying and [making] misleading statements” toward a young man and woman.


Via press release:

“A new lawsuit will be filed tomorrow against Golden State Warriors basketball player Draymond Green, alleging assault, battery and related claims based on his alleged acts of violence against a young man and women.


“The man and woman bring the case will speak out for the first about their claims of physical assault, bullying and misleading statements made by Mr. Green that they claim have severely impacted their lives.


“Lisa Bloom is proud to represent the accusers as they demand accountability and an apology from Mr. Green, who has often been called a bully both on and off the basketball court.”

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