Draymond Green Unhappy With Technical Fouls for Yelling

by November 04, 2016

Twice this season, Draymond Green has been whistled for techs after yelling.

The All-Star forward can’t figure out when it became outlawed to scream after dunks.

Green racked up 12 techinical fouls last season, and says he can’t play without loudly expressing himself:

“I got two techs this year for yelling, ‘Ahhh’?” Green told The Undefeated. “At this point, do I need to wear a mask? Am I allowed to show emotion on the floor? That’s who I am. I play with emotion.


“I love this game, so I’m going to show emotion. But if you yell, ‘Ahhh,’ after a dunk … I’ve never seen anyone get a tech for that.”


With his technical troubles in mind, Green said he has made it a point not to speak to the referees this season. […] “At a certain point, you kind of get a reputation and you’re judged off that reputation,” Green said. “I think I’ve gotten a reputation for arguing calls. That’s what I got techs for [last season]. I understand that. Now I don’t argue calls, so why am I getting techs for yelling?”

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