Draymond Green: Warriors Made LeBron James Go Bald

LeBron James logged back into social media Wednesday, following his annual postseason hiatus, and sported a freshly-shaved dome.

As part of their daylong troll-fest, Green claimed that Golden State “finally” made James go bald.

Draymond was the star of the Warriors’ otherwise tame NBA title celebration.

Per the Mercury News:

Steve Kerr took the stage at the Warriors’ championship parade on Thursday, opened his speech with a joke about how many he’d been a part of in his career and then stopped, turning toward his players.


“Sometimes I get tired of doing the humble thing. I want to be more like Draymond,” Kerr said. “We got a team full of humble Warriors and then we have a guy who is going to stir the pot every day.”


The outspoken Warrior forward showed up in a shirt trolling the Cavaliers. It had a big capital ‘Q’ on it — signifying the logo of Cleveland’s Quicken Loans Arena — which spelled out the word ‘Quickie,’ in reference to their five-game ousting of the Cavaliers. He made the shirts before the series was even completed, he said.


“Got them out of here quick,” Green said. “Quickie. We actually got them made in Cleveland. How about that?”