Dwight Howard Adopts ‘Underdog’ Status

by April 12, 2011

Almost no one believes in Dwight’s Orlando Magic heading into the postseason, something he’s hoping the squad can use as a rallying point. From HoopsWorld: “Orlando Magic center and MVP candidate Dwight Howard says he feels his team never quite gets the respect it deserves, but relishes being able to stay under the radar despite their recent success. ‘We’re always under the radar,’ Howard [said]. ‘Nobody’s ever talked about the Magic in any kind of way besides that we’re not a good team. So that’s all that we hear. But I like it. I like being the underdog, I like people not talking about us because, on one end, it keeps everybody on their heels and makes us really have to work to prove ourselves. If we were always being talked about and always in the limelight, some guys get complacent and we’ve got to stay humble if we want to be successful.'”