Dwight Howard on the Magic: ‘We Get No Love at All’

In Paris on an adidas promo tour, Dwight Howard was asked about the media spotlight on his current team. According to Dwight, it’s rather dim. From Talk Basket (via French mag Reverse): “I really think we get no love at all, to be honest. But that’s ok. We want to be respected by the teams we play and that’s the only thing that matters. The media can pick whoever they want to win the title, but the team that wins the title is the team that plays. The media doesn’t play a game. I’m pretty sure nobody thought that the Dallas Mavericks were ever going to win the title this year. It’s not about what anybody else says. It’s about what you believe. I believe in myself and in my team. We’ll bring our team to the top, then we will get some respect.”