Dwight Howard Says He Can Play for Another 10-11 Years

Dwight Howard is a 29-year-old eight-time All-Star, and the big guy thinks he’s got about another decade to go in his NBA career.

With the salary cap set to increase significantly next summer, Howard will likely hit the free agent market, but he doesn’t want to get too far ahead of himself right now.

The Houston Rockets center wants nothing to do with another “Dwighmare”, for which we should all be thankful.

Per the Houston Chronicle:

Howard heads into what might be the final season of his contract – if he decides to opt out after the season – with little to say about his plans because, he said Wednesday, he hasn’t made any. […] “There’s no need to live in the future,” Howard said. “I’m not a guy that lives in the future. The only moment that matters is right now, what we accomplish as a team. It starts with training camp. We just have to work on getting better every day. There’s no need for me to focus on anything that is going to happen next summer. My job is to focus on how I can help this team be the best team in the NBA and win a championship.”


Rockets general manager Daryl Morey said last week his intention is to keep the core of his team, including Howard (the only one of last season’s starters who could be a free agent), together beyond this season. […] “Our focus is just winning this championship. Why focus on free agency?” (Howard) said. “Right now, we’re in pursuit of a championship – as the NBA would say, ‘the quest.’ That’s our focus. It’s to win a championship. I love this city. This city has been great to me. My focus is to bring a championship here. My mind can’t be on nothing but helping this team win. That’s all I’m focused on.”


“I’m 29 years old,” he said. “Regardless of me being in the league for 12 years, I’m still fairly young. I’ll give everything I’ve got for these 10, 11 years I have left.”