Dwight Howard’s Back Still ‘Real Achy’ at Times

Despite his participation in games and practices, Dwight Howard admits that his surgically-repaired back isn’t at 100% just yet. Per the OC Register: “My back’s strong enough, but it’s not about strength at this point,’ said Howard, who had spinal surgery for a herniated disk on April 20. ‘It’s about endurance.’ Howard compared himself to a new house with ‘a foundation, walls and everything. But there’s no carpet on the floor. There’s no heating.’ Howard is expected to be given extra rest days while the team practices, as Jordan Hill was given Monday because of his herniated disk that requires management. Howard said he had no idea how many minutes he would average, though Brown said there was no limit and currently no concern about him in back-to-back sets. ‘There are still days where it’s real achy,’ Howard said, ‘and hard to move. And I just try to fight through it.'”