Dwyane Wade: Charles Barkley ‘Should Shut Up’

by January 31, 2017
dwyane wade

LeBron James fired back at Charles Barkley last night, calling Chuck a hater and blasting him for his questionable behavior as a player. Today, LeBron’s close friend and former teammate Dwyane Wade backed his boy up and said “it’s about time [LeBron] said something.”


“Thank God he finally said something,” Wade told reporters. “LeBron — a lot of guys take a lot of shots at him. For whatever reason, he’s always been, of all of the great players in the game, he just has kept his mouth closed and continued to focus on what he need to. But it’s about time he said something. Guys ride on him, especially ex-players. When you got a history — when you can go and Google your history — you need to be a little careful of what you say.”

Wade said that he liked that LeBron called out Barkley and that “that guy on TV” should should up:

“Sometimes, when guys get a microphone in front of their face, they just talk and talk and talk and forget about their history. We all make that mistake, especially that guy on TV (Barkley), he’s acting like he just walked on water. I like the fact that ‘Bron called him out and told him about himself a little bit. Humble yourself. LeBron is who he is, we all have flaws, but when your flaws are a little bit more, you should shut up.”

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