Dwyane Wade: Chicago Bulls One Player Away from Title Contention

by August 25, 2011

Dwyane Wade states the obvious about the Chicago Bulls. Derrick Rose, however, will probably not agree. From ESPN: “They met us in the Eastern Conference finals, and they were one player away from making it a very, very, very tough series,’ Wade said. ‘Derrick Rose is evolving into a phenomenal player. You could look and see they’re one player away from being there every year.’ … Wade has a pretty good idea as to what type of player the Bulls should pursue, and it’s not a surprise. Bulls fans clamored for a shooting guard who could help take the pressure off Rose. ‘It would have to be a player that can take the pressure off him from making every play,’ Wade said. ‘As a point guard, when you have to score so much, and have to make every big shot, and have to make all the passes, eventually it takes a toll on you throughout the season, no matter how phenomenal you are. So just someone who can come in and take some of that pressure away. That’s why I was excited not only to play with my friend but excited to play with a guy like LeBron, because it takes some of that pressure away from having to do it year after year after year. It saves you, your body.'”