Dwyane Wade Proud of Derrick Rose for Not Rushing Back

by March 27, 2013

Despite enormous pressure to return to the court, Derrick Rose has resisted until he’s completely ready (both physically and mentally, following major knee surgery.) Dwyane Wade admires the cautious approach his rival has taken. Per the Chicago Tribune: “Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat hope to add to their 27-game winning streak Wednesday when they visit the Chicago Bulls. But Wade also sympathizes with the plight of Bulls guard Derrick Rose, who has yet to return from an ACL tear suffered a year ago. ‘When Derrick is ready … no one knows his body like he does,’ Wade said. ‘We can all speculate on whatever we think, but I think he’s doing the right thing. He’s taking his time to come back. I mean, he’s a young guy. Obviously, the city of Chicago and the Chicago Bulls are going to lean on him a lot. He’s going to do some amazing things. You don’t want him to not be 100 percent. From afar I have been proud of how he has handled this situation, not rushing back until he’s ready.'”