Dwyane Wade Says Brooklyn Nets Will Be Attractive to Free Agents

by November 08, 2012

Prior to their move to Brooklyn, the Nets couldn’t convince Dwyane Wade and LeBron James that joining them would be a good career move. Going forward, both LBJ and DWade say that BK will have quite a few advantages in attracting free agent superstars. Per the NY Daily News: “It was very exciting to think about Brooklyn, to think about being the first to do it,’ said Wade, speaking candidly for the first time about his meeting with Mikhail Prokhorov and Nets officials in the summer of 2010. ‘I knew what they were embarking on was going to be exciting, but at that time that was two years away. We were at the point where we wanted to do it right away.’ James agreed, saying the Brooklyn vision ‘was hard to see from where they were at the time.’ But both lauded the move to Brooklyn as transformational. James said he called ‘my mentor’ Jay Z to congratulate him after the opener last week. ‘It’s what they’ve had in the works,’ James said. ‘Seeing that dream come true (for Jay Z), not only for the city of Brooklyn, but we all know he’s from Brooklyn, and having ownership in the team, I think it’s great for him, as well, to be a part of something so special. It’s great for the city.’ Wade, who joked he was upset Jay Z skipped his meeting in 2010 after attending LeBron’s, even hinted that he’d consider the Nets as a destination. He and James can opt out of their contracts and become free agents after next season. ‘I’m sure they’ll be a lot more attractive to guys,’ Wade said. ‘That’s all I can say (smiling), they’re more attractive.'”