Dwyane Wade Thinks Lack of Size is a ‘Glaring Weakness’ for the Miami Heat

by October 23, 2012

Despite the Miami Heat’s seeming invincibility heading into the 2012-’13 season — boosted by breathless talk of position-less basketball — Dwyane Wade admits that he’s concerned by his team’s lack of true big men. From Fox Sports: “Former power forward Chris Bosh might now be playing center for the Heat, giving them a third possible All-Star starter. But it takes just one look at the roster t see the Heat don’t have a lot of size. It’s been a problem before, and it still could be. ‘Yeah, we have weaknesses,’ said Wade. ‘We’re not the biggest team in the league. It’s a glaring weakness.’ But Wade also sought to put a positive spin on it. ‘As well as it’s a weakness, it’s a strength,’ Wade said. ‘And so we got a weakness. We’re not going to come out and we’re not going to say this big guy is going to get 14 rebounds a game. We have to rebound collectively as a team. So, obviously, that’s a weakness for us. But it’s also a strength for us because at the other end of the floor, when the ball gets off the rim, we’re able to use our speed.’ Still, Wade doesn’t deny Miami could have trouble at times against teams with a top-notch traditional center. There are the Lakers with Dwight Howard, although the Heat won’t have to worry about them until possibly the NBA Finals. In the East, Wade mentioned two outfits. ‘It’s not too many teams,’ Wade said of those with a quality traditional center. “Obviously, Philadelphia with Andrew Bynum, he’s a big guy. He’s one of the best centers in the league. You got the Brooklyn Nets with (Brook) Lopez, one of the best centers in the league. There’s a few, but it’s not that many teams that have big guys. But when you point out a weakness (of the Heat), we have playmakers, we have shooters, we have guys who can take over games. We have everything you need in a sense, but you don’t have the ultimate team. Everybody somewhere doesn’t have something.'”