Eddie Jordan Cools Iverson Chatter

The Sixers’ head coach doesn’t want anyone to get too excited these so-called talks between Phillly and Allen: “Jordan made it clear Iverson, while clearly ‘intriguing’ was just one of a handful of potential free-agents the team is considering. Jordan said the team has also talked about Antonio Daniels, as previously reported, and Jerry Stackhouse. ‘He’s intriguing to talk about in the media, with friends, with fans, with your mom, with your sister. Right now we’re concentrating on playing tonight. I have not been oversaturated with Allen Iverson in my mind or in conversation with our front office. It’s like any other free agent out there, we’ve talked about a number of people. I know he’s the most intriguing one. But there’s equal responsibility and doing your due diligence with anybody that’s out there — if we feel fit to bring someone in. Right now there hasn’t been a button that we’ve pushed to bring someone in.”‘