Eddie Jordan Wants Iverson to Start

Well, that’s certainly one way to ensure that A.I.’s return to Philly won’t be a total disaster: “We’re looking at a couple options,’ said coach Eddie Jordan when asked about his rotation once Iverson is in uniform. ‘One of the options we’re looking at is obviously, I would like him to start. I haven’t talked to the team about it, but it’s a thought process. When I make that decision I will talk to the team first and then will tell you guys. I’m really looking to see if he can fit into our starting lineup, but it’s not etched in stone.’ It would be hard to imagine Iverson not starting come Monday, particularly after his disdain of sitting on the bench led to his parting with the Memphis Grizzlies earlier this season. Add to that what the fan reaction might be when he is announced, it certainly would be a nice change to what has been a very quiet Wachovia Center.”