Emotional Michael Jordan Named ‘Business Person of the Year’ in Charlotte

by January 21, 2015

The Charlotte Business Journal named Hornets owner Michael Jordan as its Business Person of the Year, as an emotional and humbled MJ accepted the award Tuesday night during a 9-minute speech.

Jordan discussed the pride he has for his home state, and said he plans to guide Charlotte to multiple NBA titles.

Jordan spoke in front of some 350 people at the Time Warner Cable Arena.

Per the AP and CBJ:

“I’ve been criticized in a lot of different areas from a business standpoint, but I take pride in the ideas and concepts and views that come out of this organization to build the type of basketball program… that the city of Charlotte can be proud of,” Jordan said as he began tearing up.


“For all of the people that think that I’m in this for the short term, you better pull your socks up and just hang around — because my promise to this organization and this community is to bring a winner,” Jordan said. […] “I left home. I came back home. And I plan on staying home,” Jordan said.


Jordan, with tears streaming, said, “Thank you for allowing me to cry in front of you.” […] “I’m sort of emotional,” Jordan said. “I take great pride in something the city of Charlotte can feel proud of.”