End of the Road for the Celtics?

by May 18, 2009

by Marcel Mutoni

Their title defense came to an end last night, at the hands of the Orlando Magic. They fought valiantly to get as far as they did, but in the end, they simply ran out of gas and bodies.

Even with a presumably healthy KG returning next season, the C’s window for winning another title with this current group seems to have closed.

NBC DFW explains:

It’s easy to say that with a healthy Garnett next year the Celtics will be contenders again — but the hard truth is that the championship window for these Celtics is not only closing it may be shut.

The first reason is that this team is getting older — Allen will be 34 next season, Garnett 33 and Pierce 32. Certainly not too old to play quality basketball, but also old enough that injuries and wearing down by the end of the season are more likely outcomes. While the team has gotten an injection of youth from Rajon Rondo, it will still need its three older superstars to make a serious run in the playoffs, and it’s harder to count on them as they get older.

The other big problem is that their biggest challengers in the East are younger and getting better.

Celtics fans should be proud of their squad; they defended the title with about as much courage as you could ask for. Just don’t expect this team to climb the same mountain again anytime soon.