Euro Exchange: #2

Summarizing a week is always fun. So many nice and funny things that happened and BallinEurope wrote about it. So here we go again with our SLAM Euro Exchange: News for all the NBA fans: Nicolas Batum announces that he will be in the NBA Draft this upcoming summer. Did you do your home work? Who is Nicolas Batum? Click here to get some help.

What if the NBA had a rule like the Euroleague does? Euroleague rules say that if you finish among the three worst teams in 2 seasons in a row, you can get kicked out. BallinEurope reader Daniel has this to say: “As an American, where the teams are in for life, I love this rule. You can’t have an owner who goes cheap and just fields a horrible team. Plus it should keep the level of competition higher… giving the bottom teams something to play for as the season goes on.”

ESPN blogger Henry Abbott tells us that the Raptors have a problem. While Raptor GM Bryan Colangelo was quoted saying that the NBA game is going in the direction of European basketball, his coach, Sam Mitchell, is not on board with that characterization.

Let’s imagine you have money and you want your team to be successful – doesn’t sound too hard, right? Well, there is one Euroleague team in Europe to be exact in Poland that first fired some players and then the coach. Sounds bad? What would you say if the team has no arena now?

You might want to remember this word: IonX. As this blog tells us, IonX represents a revolutionary performance apparel technology – I guess you can also call it a performance enhancing technology.

This man, who is the coach of Euroleague team Le Mans, got invited to be an assistant coach for the Cleveland Cavaliers at the NBA’s summer league in Las Vegas. I immediately had one thought: Was Le Mans’ coach Vincent Collet invited because he is such a great coach (his team hasn’t won one game in the Euroleague so far) or because one of his players is Nicolas Batum?

If you’re a die-hard reader of NBA blogs here and there, you might have noticed the rising number of “Players who average more than” kind of posts. Like I don’t know : “Five players averaging more rebounds than Eddy Curry ” or “Players who … have more or as many blocks as Zach Randolph” . Well, here is what it’d look like if there was to be a Euroleague cover.