Evan Fournier Says the Orlando Magic Played Selfishly

by November 27, 2014

Stephen Curry’s hot hand (28 points, 8 dimes) wasn’t the biggest obstacle the Orlando Magic faced Wednesday night, according to Evan Fournier.

The third-year guard said his team played selfish ball, in the 111-96 loss to the visiting Golden State Warriors.

The Magic had just 11 assists through the game’s first three quarters.

Per the Orlando Sentinel:

“Yeah, they made shots, but we don’t lose the game like that,” Magic shooting guard Evan Fournier said. “We lose the game because we played selfish. We don’t move the ball. We’re just standing and looking at each other. We have to play better than that. If we keep playing like that, we’re not going to win any game.”


“We haven’t played together too much,” forward Tobias Harris said. “But numbers don’t lie. Results don’t lie. When we move that basketball from side-to-side and when we play together, we’ve been successful. And I don’t know why, but we keep deferring from that, and that’s the most disappointing part of it. […] But when we play together, not just offensively, when we play defensively and we’re pulling for each other on the defensive end, we win basketball games. And, tonight, we got away from that.”


“It’s not easy,” guard Victor Oladipo said. “They did a great job defensively on switching. They did a great job defending. They were scrappy. They just played well overall. […] We couldn’t move the ball. It’s hard to move the ball when, one, there’s no spacing and then, two, the defense is switching. So you’re going to move the ball, and by the time you move the ball and you look up, there’s five seconds left or eight seconds left on the shot clock. People who see it and watch it from afar are like, ‘Oh, the ball is stagnant.’ But, in reality, if you’re out there, you realize you’re going to keep moving it until the shot clock runs out. Then, what are we going to do?”